Medina City Schools Board of Education members Karla Robinson and Susan Vlcek to resign

MEDINA, Ohio - Two Medina City School board members announced Wednesday their plans to resign from the Board of Education.

School board president Karla Robinson will continue to serve on the board of education until May 31, 2014.

"For me, the most important reason I stayed was the requests we fielded from many of our school administrative team members, who were extremely worried about too much change happening on the board at once," Karla Robinson wrote in a press release. "I also felt a deep sense of responsibility to those who elected us, to do the best we could to improve our policies and procedures going forward."

In the press release, Robinson apologized for her mistakes as a board member and thanked the teachers, staff and administrative team

"My deepest gratitude goes to the teachers, staff, and administrative team at Medina City Schools, whose dedication to our students inspires me daily. And I am particularly thankful to my family for their ongoing support during this difficult time," Robinson said.

School board vice president Susan Vlcek will continue to serve until January 2014.

"I share your frustration with the ongoing legal battle, and could not be more regretful and sorry to be part of any decision that draws one moment of focus away from the great work going on in our schools every day," Susan Vlcek wrote in a press release. 

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the rich history of Medina City Schools. I'm going to do my part to ensure that rich history continues."

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