Medina County police cruisers equipped with supplies for active shooting situation

MEDINA, Ohio - Some Medina County police officers now have lifesaving equipment at their fingertips.

Mass casualty bags are now in each of the Medina, Medina Township and Montville Township police cars. 

The goal is to give police officers, who would be the first to respond to a mass shooting situation, the emergency supplies needed to save lives.

"Seconds matter. It takes three minutes or less to bleed out from an extremity wound," said Medina City Police Chief Patrick Berarducci. 

"Our first priority will still be to stop a shooter, but also bring in supplies. We need to help those gunshot victims as we come across them," Berarducci said.

Berarducci said while researching the project, he learned the military has been doing this for a decade and it has been able to reduce deaths with these types of injuries by 60 percent.

Medina Hospital donated the supplies to the police departments.



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