Newborn kittens cling to life after being swept in ditch in Brunswick during Tuesday's storms

Veterinarians giving kittens constant care

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Every effort is being made to save three kittens abandoned by their mother.

A boy kitten and his two sisters, less than one week old, cling to life at the Brunswick Animal Hospital. Veterinarians are giving them constant care and Jessica Boseone is trying to get them to eat.

"We have to do everything for them. We have to feed them, keep their body temperature up and we have to make them defecate ourselves because their mother would normally do that by licking them and cleaning them," Boseone said.

Boseone won't be getting much sleep Tuesday night. These kittens need to be fed every two hours.

"I will take them home with me and care for them at my own house because they need constant care, if one of them wakes up, then they will wake the other ones up," Boseone said.

They are already good swimmers. Animal control figures the mother was moving them and got caught up in the rushing water in a ditch on Williams Drive in Brunswick and abandoned them. A passing meter reader spotted the kittens.

"The call came in that they were actually in the water. We had some heavy rain from a downpour earlier this morning, which caused the drains to just fill up with water," said Mike Kellums, the Animal Control Officer for the city of Brunswick

If they survive Boseone said they will make great pets. Being hand raised, they are more comfortable around people.

"They are eating very well, if they don't eat then you don't have as good of a chance, but they want to eat. They're fighters and I think that they will definitely survive. I'll try to make them survive," Boseone said.

Boseone has not given them names yet. That will come as soon as she figures out what kind of personalities they have. They will be ready for adoption in about six weeks and after they have their shots.

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