Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver invites veterans to Brimfest for parade via Facebook

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - The apples have been dipped in caramel and the cotton candy is in the bag. Brimfest 2013 is officially underway in Brimfield Township in Portage County.

"It's going to be crazy," said Lisa Long, who manages a restaurant in town. 

It will be crazy because hundreds of veterans are coming from all over the country to march in Saturday morning's Brimfest parade. They have already begun filling up local hotel rooms. Long said she beefed up staff to handle the crowd.

"We are prepared to serve some food tomorrow," she said.

Police Chief David Oliver invited the veterans to town on his famous Facebook page, which has about 80,000 fans. So far, more than 400 veterans, some from as far away as Seattle, have said they will march in the parade.

"I thought it would be a good idea to welcome home Vietnam vets," Oliver said, "because I believe some of them were treated pretty poorly when they got back home."

The idea grew and now veterans from all wars are coming.

"I'm going to shake as many hands as I can of vets who are there," Oliver said. "I'm going to hug them if they'll let me. I'm going to thank them."

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