Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver signs deal for 'No Mopes Allowed' book

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver, who gained fame through Facebook, now has a book deal.

The no-nonsense police chief posted on Tuesday that he signed a contract with Gray and Company Publishers. The title of the book: "No Mopes Allowed".

"We tossed around ideas and decided on the possibility of a couple books; the first being all about the BPD, our Facebook page and recapping some of the highlights of this wild ride all 76,000+ of us are taking," Oliver wrote. The Brimfield Police Department's Facebook page has more than 76,000 fans, which far exceeds the township's population.

Oliver said he hopes to release the book on Sept. 21, the day of the Brimfest Parade. Proceeds will go to the Chief Oliver Foundation, which funds programs like Shop-with-a-Cop and assists juvenile sexual assault victims.

The chief thanked his Facebook following, adding "You have given Mrs. Chief and I a very unique way to serve and give back to a profession that is our life. We will now have a mechanism in place to offer help without all of the political nonsense and red tape usually associated with helping others."

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