Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver's book 'No Mopes Allowed' available for presale

Sales benefit Chief Oliver Foundation

BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - The outspoken, no-nonsense Brimfield Police Chief's book is now available for presale.

Chief David Oliver gained popularity on the department's Facebook page by sharing little life lessons and his criminal encounters. The police department, serving a small township in Portage County, has more than 83,000 Facebook fans.

In July, Oliver signed a deal with Gray and Company Publishers for the book "No Mopes Allowed". The 250-page paperback book costs $14.95 presale and is available online. It ships starting Sept. 23 and all preordered copies will be signed by the chief himself. Oliver said that "Mrs. Chief is buying Sharpies."

"'No Mopes Allowed' is a ‘greatest hits' collection of rants and babbles," Oliver said about the book. "This book includes a lot of writing from the early days of the page—things you have missed… And I present my top 40 favorite quotes of the day."

You can also buy a copy of the book during Brimfest on Sept. 21.

All proceeds from the book will go to the Chief Oliver Foundation, which is a not-for-profit group that helps juvenile victims of sexual assault and funds the department's charitable programs.

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Order a copy of "No Mopes Allowed" here:

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