Brimfield police chief rants on dogs left in cars on hot summer days

BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - With temperatures rising, the outspoken Brimfield police chief is warning residents not to leave pets in cars.

Chief David Oliver said his department received two calls on Saturday about dogs left in hot vehicles while their owners went shopping. He also said they are looking at animal cruelty charges for these cases.

"Some people see no issue with leaving a dog in a car when the outside temperature is 88 degrees? So, what is the temp in the car… 648 degrees? We are all aware of the scientific fact that most dogs have fur, right?" Oliver posted on the Brimfield Police Department Facebook page.

Oliver said often times the pet owners come back out to their cars as soon as officers arrive and many of them see nothing wrong with simply cracking the window.

"We protect the defenseless," Oliver said. "It was 85+ today on both calls. The dogs were panting like they had just chased a rabbit for the last 500 miles. It's just wrong."

The Brimfield Police Department's Facebook page has nearly 70,000 fans despite the township's population being about 10,000. Oliver's rants, or "Chief's Babble", focus on his pet peeves, crime updates and his thoughts on big news, all with his no-nonsense approach.

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