Brimfield police chief speaks out about teen driving

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - "It's been a rough week in northeast Ohio. Field schools lost a recent graduate to a traffic crash last week. We had another rollover crash Saturday evening involving young drivers, and in Warren, six young people were killed when the vehicle they were riding in lost control, flipped and ended travel in a pond, under water….there were eight in that vehicle; two ...survived."

That's the start to the Facebook post published by Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver. He said to all law enforcement and medical staff who dealt with those incidents, his thoughts and prayers are with you.

"The hand of fate is exactly that. There are things we cannot avoid, no matter how hard we try. There are events we fear as parents. Losing a child is at the top of that list, and an unimaginable circumstance," Oliver stated.

He urged parents to take time to review safe driving with their kids. Oliver said the 16 to 21 years of age group is "very vulnerable to distracted driving, speeding and "over correcting" when driving off of the side of the road."

Oliver stresses explaining the dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel, and other distractions that come in different forms: cellphones, passengers, "jamming to Vanilla Ice or Poison." Of course, speed has long been a factor in many fatal crashes, Oliver explained.

Over-correcting was a factor in at least one of the crashes, which happens when a driver suddenly realizes he or she is going off the road and "yanks" the wheel too fast and too far the other direction, causing the vehicle to flip.

"It happens a lot with young drivers," Oliver mentioned.

"Most importantly, explain to (your kids) how precious life is and how, during one brief moment, it all changes. Keep the passengers in their vehicles to a minimum and keep on them constantly. We will, too."

Oliver ends his post with these words: "Oh… and regardless of how frustrated they make us; tell them you love them every time they leave."

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