Brimfield police: Intoxicated man eating chicken drives into swamp with Cadillac

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - Police in Brimfield say an intoxicated driver drove around the lot of a business and into a swamp.

It happened Wednesday afternoon when police say Dannie Mallicoat, 60, pulled into a business on State Route 43, drove through the lot, beside the building, out of the lot and into the swamp -- all while eating fried chicken.

"Unlike military-type vehicles, his Cadillac was not meant to float," said Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver in a Facebook post.

One of Oliver's frogmen, as he called him, and another officer waded into the water to pull Mallicoat out.

Next, it was time for field sobriety tests where Oliver described the scene as Mallicoat paying homage to E.T. "by following the sergeant's finger with his own finger instead of using his eyes."

Mallicoat was arrested and charged with OVI. A breath test showed his blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit at .206.

The 60-year-old was taken to jail "where they only give one aspirin per headache," said Oliver, who thanked his "swamp men" on a job well done.

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