Donations accepted at newly opened Brimfield People Care Pet Pantry

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - If you're tight on money and need food for your pet, you could get some help at Brimfield's newly opened People Care Pet Pantry.

Donations for the newly opened facility are being accepted at the PETCO in Brimfield.

Like a food pantry for people, the pet pantry is a critical link for communities and pet owners during dire financial times. Differing from classic animal rescues and havens, they gift directly to those in the community who are in need. 

People Care Pet Pantry partners with animal shelters and pounds to help pets who might be "owner surrendered" due to economic hardship. By doing so, it's becoming a vital community resource and saves on tax dollars by freeing up space and minimizing euthanization of animals because of limited space. 

It also gives rescue groups and pet foster families another resource to get needed pet food and supplies.

"After getting donations for a couple months, I decided am giving back and have been volunteering ever since," said Dana Ray. Ray lost her job in 2010 and has four dogs. She did a Google search and found PCPP.

The non-profit was founded in 2009 by ordained minister Rene Lamp and has fed over 50,000  pets in the 16 northeast Ohio counties. In 2012, People Care Pet Pantry donated food to feed 5,200 dogs and 4,800 cats, while also providing coats, hats, gloves and toys to those in need during its annual Christmas donation and gifting drive.

"We provide a resource and an alternative to surrendering your pet," Lamp explained. "These are tough economic times for many, and any of us could be just a hospitalization away, or a lay-off away, from being in the same predicament. Most times the pet owner simply needs assistance for a month or two, and they are back on their feet."

Check out the volunteer-driven organization online:

For more information, you can call 330-389-5116.

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