Four taken into custody Friday night in Brimfield after meth labs were discovered

BRIMFIELD, Ohio - Two adult males and two teens were busted for methamphetamine drugs in Brimfield Friday night.

According to the Brimfield Police Department Facebook Page, officers stopped stopped a vehicle on Tallmadge Road near I-76 late Friday night. With assistance from the Tallmadge Police Department K-9 unit, they discovered meth and the chemicals to make more meth in the car and took  two teenaged females who had been smoking meth into custody.

After further investigation, police located the source of the lab at a duplex in the 2000 block of Tallmadge Road. There they seized two "shake and bake" meth labs, meth, needles, marijuana and some other illegal drugs.

Two adult males were arrested and charged with multiple drug related offenses including providing meth to the two teen girls.

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