Troopers look to identify man in Portage County road rage incident

RAVENNA, Ohio - The Ohio State Highway Patrol needs your helping locating a man they say exhibited extreme road rage against another motorist on Monday.

Lt. Nakia Hendrix said one Ohio driver experienced the man's full fury on state Route 14 between state Route 59 and Alliance Road in Portage County. The incident happened around 5:15 p.m.

"Both parties had pulled over, the driver of the semi exited the vehicle, approached the passenger car, and with a device in his hand and started hitting the window, the driver's side window of the passenger car," Hendrix said. "We're asking the public's assistance if anyone has seen anything."

Hendrix said it was unclear why the man, whose photo authorities now have, got out of his truck and started wailing away at the driver's window. Official believe he's between 35 to 40 years old, driving a blue Peterbilt semi truck.

"One thing you never want to do is get into a confrontation with anyone, whether someone tries to cut you off or you accidentally cut them off, just keep your cool about yourself, your composure keep your hand gestures to yourself," Hendrix said.

Officials said they believe this is an isolated incident, but said if you ever find yourself in a similar situation you should get law enforcement involved immediately or call #677, which dials directly into a local highway patrol post.
"You never know how that can turn out. We've seen things nationally something like this happened and that person did retaliate, and we've had terrible consequences and things that happen as a result of that," said Hendrix.

Once this person is identified, Hendrix said the case will be turned over to the prosecutor's office for possible charges.


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