Cruise ship survivor returns home to Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio - For Lisa Miller, it's the little things that count.  A good night's sleep in a warm bed.  A hot meal.  A shower.

Miller returned home to Ohio Friday after being a passenger on the Carnival cruise ship that lost power and plumbing after a fire.

"My God, it's so good to be home right now," she said after she hugged her family for the first time since the ordeal.

Miller lives in Knox County and works in Mansfield. She was on the cruise with friends from Texas.

"Conditions were horrible," she said. "The things you heard are true.  There were urine soaked carpets.  There were toilets overflowing.  No showers for three days. Lugging our mattress three flights and across the ship just to sleep."

However, Miller said it was wonderful how everyone came together to help each other.  She plans to go on another cruise one day.

"As soon as I can talk my husband into taking the kids," she said. "Might be a hard sell at this point."

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