Mansfield tow truck driver accused of throwing kittens out window while driving down street

Driver denies allegations

MANSFIELD, Ohio - A tow truck driver who is accused of throwing kittens from his work vehicle denied the allegation.

William Vollmer, of Eddie's Sunoco, has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals for the alleged incident that occurred Tuesday afternoon on Ashland Road.

A driver traveling behind Vollmer's tow truck told police they witnessed him throwing three kittens out of the driver's side window on the top of the Ashland Road hill, according to the police report.

Police said they responded to the hill and found that one cat had just been struck and killed.

Officers then made contact with Vollmer who denied the incident and stated that the cats had probably fell out from under the vehicle after crawling into the engine compartment.

NewsChannel5 also spoke to Vollmer. He said numerous of stray cats are at the tow truck lot and hid in vehicles' engines.

"I drove wreckers for about 20 years, and have never done anything like this.  I would never hurt a cat," Vollmer said.

"It's common for cats in the impound lot to hide in the engine compartments, which is the first warm spot, especially during the torrential downpour that we had that day."

Vollmer goes on to say, "Honest to God, if I knew the cats were in the truck, I would have tried to get them out so they wouldn't get hurt."

Mansfield police said they do not buy Vollmer's story and the witnesses are adamant they saw him throw the kittens from the window.

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