Canal Fulton woman's dog survives deadly illness; Mystery virus killing dogs in Ohio

Dogs get very ill with vomiting & bloody diarrhea

CANAL FULTON, Ohio - Many dogs are getting seriously sick in Ohio and for some, it's been fatal. One veterinarian in the Canal Fulton area had two cases of the mysterious canine illness in just three weeks ago.

One of those cases was 5-year-old Bella. She is back to her old self, running around and playing in her yard, but a few weeks ago, things looked grim for the family pet.

Bella got sick in the car, wasn't eating, and was lethargic and depressed. Her owner, Chris Gatsios, took her to the vet where there was another dog with the same symptoms

"The dog that was there, they actually took her to an emergency vet overnight and she died," Gatsios said.

Bella's vet, Dr. Melanie Butera, tried everything to save the pup.

"She was calling all over the country to different vets. She was calling to Texas A&M. She was calling Cincinnati where the outbreak originally started," Gatsios said. "She was on antibiotics, steroids everything the that the vet could think of."

The family thought the worst. Gatsios took the kids to say goodbye, but something the vet did worked.

"She actually lifted her head. You could tell she was getting better and she barked when we left so we knew that that when she was barking she was better."

After a few more days, Bella was able to come home.

"I think it's a miracle that she made it because of all of the other dogs that didn't," Gatsios said.

"I'm very happy, I'm glad she's better," said Nick Gatsios, Chris's son.

"Don't hesitate take them to your vet and let your vet assess them and everything because it's very scary, it's very scary," Gatsios said.

Bella's blood work was worst than the other dog in Canal Fulton that died. Fecal samples were sent to a university in California for further tests.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is investigating the cause of the illness. Symptoms including vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weight loss and lethargy.

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