'My Pack of Wolves Sanctuary' looking for howling wolves

Wolf sanctuary hopes to expand soon

MAGNOLIA, Ohio - Shannen Stitt and Mark Stredney love wolves. And they're planning on rescuing them from harm one at a time.

That's why they started "My Pack Of Wolves Sanctuary."

The rescue began in Mayfield Heights. But due to numerous restrictions, they were forced to set up a temporary operation in Magnolia, about 20 minutes south of Canton.

While wolf-dogs look a lot like every day domesticated dogs, there are differences. They need plenty of room to roam, love to dig and chew on everything. The average family simply cannot adopt these dogs. Consequently, many are abandoned.

"There has to be more education than what's out there" said Shannen Stitt, co-founder of My Pack Of Wolves Sanctuary.

Stitt and her partner hope to leave their operation in Magnolia for another location closer to northeast Ohio. They already have plans drawn up, and even hope to provide workshops and field trips for school children.

Simply having more land would be a huge help.

"I can't tell you how many calls I get from shelters that say 'I have a wolf-dog scheduled to be euthanized, can you take it?' I don't have the room" said Stitt.

Money is needed to make their plans a reality. Without donations or sponsorships, their plans are on hold.

My Pack Of Wolves Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and are  501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS so any contributions will be tax deductible.

You can find My Pack Of Wolves Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter @mypackofwolves.

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