Pro Football Hall of Fame game kicks off new NFL bag policy

CANTON, Ohio - The Pro Football Hall of Fame will begin the new NFL policy that limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into stadiums.

"The only thing that comes into the stadium," said Joe Horrigan, Vice President of Communications and Exhibits for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, "That's for our enshrinement ceremony and the game is what will fit in a clear, plastic bag, no larger than a 12 by 12 by 6 bag."

The NFL committee on stadium security unanimously recommended the implementation of this measure last May to enhance public safety and make it easier for fans to enter the stadium.

Only bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and are no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches will be allowed in for sporting events.

Prohibited items include:

Purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks or fanny packs, seat cushions, luggage of any kind, computer bags, larger camera bags, or any bag larger than the designated size.

Cameras, binoculars and smart phones will be permitted.

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