Retired NewsChannel5 news set gets a new life at Hoover High School in North Canton

Video production class thrilled with donation

NORTH CANTON, Ohio - Hoover High School in North Canton is proud of its video broadcast center.

Each year, they teach around 80 students video production and broadcast journalism. Students learn and do all of the technical jobs, writing and reporting skills they need for the industry.

Tom Wilson started this program 15 years ago growing the facility to more than 5,000 square feet. It has a classroom, control room, studio and 14 editing suites.

"We work off the Avid network so even the editing that we are doing, we're teaching them at the highest levels so when they go out into the industry, hopefully, they are going to be really successful and they can adapt," Wilson said.

Students have adapted and are successful.

"We have students right now that are in different universities. We have students that have gone off and they are news anchors and reporters. We have folks that are out in LA."

Just as NewsChannel5 recently debuted a new set, Hoover High's TV-11 also showed off their new set Friday: the old NewsChannel5 set.

It was recycled and reborn in the school's studio. Hoover held an open house Friday showing off its new set for the first time to the media, community and the students. Everyone was really excited.

"Oh my goodness it's crazy awesome. We are so excited about it. It gives us a lot more space to do different things and we have the coaches to do our shows so it will be really nice," said Sally Smith, a junior in broadcast journalism.

"The new set is awesome, NewsChannel5, it's a great donation. We thank you guys very much," said Brandon Johnson a senior in video production.

"We are so thankful for this donation because it has changed the landscape of what we do, we are adding two new public affairs programs our students run and produce all of those so it's an exciting day," Wilson said.

The news set served NewsChannel5 for more than a decade. Ted Henry, a North Canton native himself, sat here. It took three truckloads to move it to Hoover, where it starts a new life helping these students reach their goals.

"When I leave here and graduate I'll be prepared, I'll be one step ahead of everyone else," Johnson said.

"This is a great class and it's a good opportunity to get some experience for the future," Smith said.

The old TV-11 set went to the middle school. A few of the other NewsChannel5 set pieces went to GlenOak High School and Mark Johnson's weather set will soon debut at Ashland University.

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