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Seniors at Stone Ridge Village waiting for heat to be restored six weeks after lightning strike

Complex providing space heaters for residents
Posted: 7:57 PM, Nov 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-16 00:57:31Z

About 50 residents at Stone Ridge Village in Louisville are still waiting for the heat to be turned on in their apartments nearly six weeks after a lightning strike knocked out the heating and cooling system.

The lightning, which also temporarily disabled the fire alarm and emergency call systems, hit the roof of the building on October 6.

"It just came on all of sudden. We just had this great big boom," said 83-year-old resident Angie Troutman.

The fire alarm and emergency call systems were restored, but getting the heat back has proven to be a complicated problem, according to Joel Testa, the president of Testa Companies which owns the complex.

"We are doing all we can to mitigate an act of God," Testa told News 5.

Electric portable space heaters have been provided to all of the residents. The heaters are meant to provide warmth over 1,500 square feet, larger than the square footage of the apartments.

Troutman said she leaves her heater at 65 degrees and has not had any issues with being cold.

"At least they're doing something to compensate for the circumstances," Troutman said.

Another resident, Ed Vacha, also said he has felt comfortable since the outage, but worries the heaters may not be sufficient if the problem isn't fixed soon and temperatures continue to plummet.

"My concern would be health reasons. Your body can only take so much cold and then it's gonna start screaming. We haven't gotten to that point yet, but it's down the road," Vacha said.

Pat George, 78, said she's surprised it has taken so long to fix the problem, but feels the management is doing the best it can to restore the heat.

"I've been fine. I've not been cold one time. They brought the heaters and it takes care of it and if its cold, your turn it up a little bit," George said.

Testa said two sets of parts needed to fix the heating and cooling system have been received. He expects made-to-order control boards to arrive on site next week and believes the heat will be turned back on shortly thereafter.