Second annual forum on meth labs in Akron discusses warning signs

Meth labs on the rise in Akron

AKRON, Ohio - Do you have any idea what to look for when it comes to meth labs?

Since most of you would probably answer no, Summit County is talking to you.

Wednesday at the Akron-Summit Library, the second annual Meth Lab Community Forum was held. At the meeting, people heard from several law enforcement officials about the dangers of the labs and how to spot one. You might not think that plastic, glass bottles or other routine household products can help build the labs but they can.

The forum was put on by the Summit County Children Services and there you learned things like ammonium nitrate found in cold packs and lithium found in batteries all contribute to meth labs.

"Number one you look at the house itself," said Officer Chris Crockett with the Akron Police Department. "If it's run down and lights are on 24/7 with people running in and out? It's indicative of trafficking."

Also at the forum was Apryl Miller who shared her story about being a former meth addict.

"I used for 10 years," said Miller who's been clean for two and a half years. She now works with the Interval Brotherhood Home helping others with recovery. "I would sleep in abandoned houses and sheds in the woods just so I can make meth," she continued.  

Over the past four years, meth labs busted by Akron police have been on the rise. In 2009, they busted 48, in 2010, the number jumped to 75.  In 2011, it soared to 177 and so far to date, the number sits at 150 meth labs seized by police.

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