Akron woman fights off home intruder

An Akron woman fought for her life after a home intruder tried to smother her face with a pillow. 

The 22-year-old spoke out Friday to not only warn neighbors, but warn the intruder she is not going to sit quietly.

Police said the incident occurred sometime after 2 a.m. Friday morning on the 300 block of East Voris St. in Akron.  Showing us the scars on her neck from the fight, Robsheata Martin said her kids were all she was thinking about as she faced the ski masked-intruder.

"You kicked me and stepped on me like I was just nothing," said Martin as she cried detailing the unexpected experience she had early this morning. 

Martin told NewsChannel 5 she was sleeping on her living room couch early Friday when she felt the presence of someone close-by.  Not knowing of anyone in the home, Martin says she woke-up to a masked intruder sitting in a chair right in front of her.  Martin then said the man quickly got up and tried to smother her face will a pillow. 

She fought back, telling NewsChannel 5 she used anything she could find, even her children's' Christmas presents, to strike the intruder. 

"I just felt like I couldn't sit here and die so I figured if he had a gun, he would've used it … I just took a chance and began to swing and punch.  That's all I knew was swing and punch," said Martin.

Most of her children's toys sat on the floor, broken.  But Martin said this incident has caused even more damage.

"You ruined everything for me," she said speaking as if she was talking to the intruder, "I'm going to have to move now because I can't bring my family into this house.  My five-year-old is terrified to come home."

Martin's boyfriend and the father of two of her three children said, "It's just dreadful to me that this happened.  I wish I could've been here."

Thomas Dotson said he's relieved their kids weren't home at the time, but keep thinking of what would've happened if he was in the house.

The suspect fled according to Martin, who showed us a front window screen she believes the suspect cut-through to get inside.

Police described the intruder to be a black male about 6 ft. tall, weighing about 210lbs - 220lbs.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Akron Police Department.

Meanwhile, to the intruder, Martin said, "What you did, you are nothing.  You are nothing.  You are wrong for what you did."

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