Fake Akron veterinarian Brandi Tomko sentenced to 18 months in prison

AKRON, Ohio - A woman found guilty of multiple charges related to injuring and killing animals while posing as a veterinarian will go to prison.

Last month, Brandi Tomko was convicted on eight charges after a three-day trial in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.

Friday, Tomko was sentenced to 18 months in prison. She must also pay court costs.

The sentencing was an unusual one in that Felony 4 and Felony 5 counts do not typically result in jail time. However, in this instance the judge found an exception.

All of the animal charges Tomko faced were misdemeanors, while charges related to drugs, ID theft and forgery were felonies.

Tomko plans to appeal the sentence because lawyers do not believe the exception applies to her case.

Prosecutors said Tomko pretended to be a veterinarian at C&D Animal Hospital in Akron. They said she drew blood, wrote prescriptions and performed surgeries on animals, including spaying cats and neutering at least one dog.

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