Police investigating case of missing woman and son after discovery of two bodies in Tallmadge

TALLMADGE, Ohio - Tallmadge police are investigating the circumstances involving two missing people after two bodies were found Saturday afternoon in the 500 block of Stone Creek Drive.

According to our partners at the Akron Beacon Journal, the medical examiner said the remains are believed to be that of a woman and a child.

Police said 31-year-old Wendy Ralston and her 5-year-old son went missing on Aug. 7.

Overnight and early Monday morning, a police officer was stationed in front of a duplex on Stone Creek Drive. Police tape surrounded part of the duplex and went around a wooden fence. BCI has also been to the scene with a cyber crimes unit requested.

Neighbors told NewsChannel5 a woman lived at the duplex with her 5-year-old boy.

One neighbor said the woman and child went missing weeks ago. She said the woman was evicted and neighbors never saw her move anything out of the house. They grew concerned and called police. 

Neighbors also said the woman lived with her boyfriend, who was the father of her son. 

The bodies have not yet been identified. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. 

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