Two boys arrested after evading Stow police officers

STOW, Ohio - Two boys were arrested after running from Stow police officers in the area of Kent Road near Darrow Road.

Police said the officers chased 12-year-old and 15-year-old behind a CVS pharmacy and then the Tip Top restaurant.

Officers pursued them, at which point the boys took off into the woods. Officers found that the 12-year-old apparently jumped over a short wall trying to hide, fell down a rocky cliff into the gorge and was found bleeding from the head. They said they rescued him from approximately 10-15 feet down the gorge.  He was transported to Akron's Children Hospital.

Police said they were initially unable to find the second boy and were concerned he may have fallen into the gorge. After searching for two hours, he was found hiding, unaware that his friend was hurt.

Both of the boys were charged with Curfew and Obstructing Official Business and referred to juvenile court.

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