Black bear captured on Bath Township cruiser video, resident snaps pictures of bear on his patio

BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A dash camera on a Bath Township police cruiser captured a black bear as it rumbled across a road on Wednesday morning.

"I've been an officer for 30 years and this is first bear sighting that I've had an opportunity to witness," said Bath Township Captain Greg Lang.

The video shows the bear running across Shaw Road Extension.

It was just one of several sightings reported in Bath, the latest community to report a wandering bear. Stow, Cuyahoga Falls and several cities in Lake County have also spotted a black bear this month.

Sarah Wells said she and her husband saw the bear, which she estimated at 300-400 pounds, at 6:30 Wednesday morning at their home in Bath.

She said they watched the black bear walk across a small bridge by their pond, up the stairs onto their patio and around their house back into the woods.

"We have never seen anything like it! Just glad we had not yet let our dog out," wrote Wells in an e-mail.

Her husband, Ron, took several photographs, but said it was a little too close for comfort. The couple has two small children.

"Given the size of the bear and its proximity to the house, you definitely have to worry a little bit," Ron Wells said.

Bath police said the black bear was spotted twice in the area of Ghent Hills, as well as Rambling Way Drive, Meadow Park Drive, Forest Pool Road, Clover Hill Road and Cardinal Road.

Lynne Abramovich was walking her dog when police warned her of a black bear in the area. When she returned home, the bear was in her backyard, moving towards her neighbor's property, and her husband was on the phone with 911.

"Let's just say I didn't get any closer to take pictures," Abramovich said.

Police Chief Michael McNeely heard about the bear sightings and drove through the neighborhoods. He spotted the bear and took a couple of pictures.

"I saw him stand up at one point to look over a fence. It appeared to be taller than six feet," McNeely said.

On Monday morning, several people reported seeing a black bear west of State Route 91 in the Heather Hills neighborhood of Stow.

Authorities urge people to keep calm and not to approach a bear or try to feed it if they come across one. To report observations of black bears, you can call 800-945-3543.

For more information about black bears in the state, click here: visit
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