Summit County Office of Consumer Affairs warns of Medicare phone scam targeting senior citizens

TWINSBURG, Ohio - A new warning aims to protect senior citizens in northeast Ohio from a phone scam.

Twinsburg police posted to their Facebook page the advisory from the Summit County Office of Consumer Affairs telling seniors to be on alert after several reports of calls of people pretending to be Medicare representatives trying to get personal information under the false pretense of updating or renewing Medicare cards.

This is how they explain the scam:

"How the scam works is the caller claims to be from Medicare and is verifying the consumer's name, address, and telephone number and date of birth because they are issuing new Medicare cards. While they have you on the line, the caller also asks for additional information such as the name of your bank where your social security checks are deposited along with your bank account numbers."

If seniors receive this type of call, they are advised to interrupt mid sentence and say ‘no thank you, goodbye' then hang up. If the phone rings again right after that, do not pick it up in case it is the scammer again.

They also caution that Medicare does not call beneficiaries to verify information because they already have it.

For more information on this or other types of scams, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs at 330-643-2879, or click here:

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