Accused sexual predator targeted heterosexual men at beer pong tournaments, police say

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Kevin Mattingly knew 38-year-old Joey Poindexter from the beer pong tournaments at Looney's in College Park. 

"He would make shots left and right, like really good," Mattingly said.

We have learned from the manager of Looney's that Poindexter went there every Wednesday as part of the organized beer pong tournaments. Police in Montgomery County say he participated in similar events in Baltimore and that's where he found his victims.

Detectives think he had a way with being a sexual predator, too. Poindexter was arrested on Oct. 3, after an investigation revealed he met a college-aged man who got drunk playing beer pong at Looney's and went back to his Gaithersburg home, where an assault happened.

"After something like this happens you start to think back and see how friendly he was and maybe he was trying to do something else with that," Mattingly said.

Police say for at least 10 years, Poindexter targeted heterosexual men and assaulted them. So far, there are 10 victims, but six are unidentified through cell phone pictures showing them in compromising positions.

"The number is gonna grow larger, a lot larger at the end of the day when we get the full images downloaded," Russ Hamill, Montgomery County Assistant Police Chief, said.

The University of Maryland Help Center counsels those in crisis.

"We know it's an issue that's rampant on college campuses. Those statistics are severely under-reported, so just having students know that there are services for them," said Sarah Gordon, a crisis intervention counselor.

Detectives say Poindexter goes to beer pong events in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas and has met several of his victims at these events.

"Don't get super hammered. Don't take drinks from somebody else, unless you've known them for a very long time. I'm talking years," Mattingly said.

If you have any information that could help detectives, you're asked to call Montgomery County Police Major Crimes Division:  240-773-5070.

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