Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad and more: Top-searched costumes for Halloween 2013

Yahoo compiled costumes "buzzing" in searches

CLEVELAND - How many of your friends are dressing up as characters from Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad or Hunger Games this year?

A lot, if Yahoo's search results are any indication.

The search engine compiled a list of the top-searched costumes from the past week. The results are below.

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Top Buzzing Costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days (based on change in volume of searches):

1.      [raggedy ann costume]

2.      [robin costume]

3.      [batman costume]

4.      [sugar skull costume]

5.      [duck dynasty halloween costumes]

6.      [walter white costume]

7.      [hippie costume]

8.      [chucky costume]

9.      [ninja costume]

10.  [fairy costume]

11.  [peter pan costume]

12.  [rosie the riveter costume]

13.  [minecraft steve costume]

14.  [werewolf costume]

15.  [michael myers costumes]

16.  [katniss everdeen costume]

17.  [zombie costume]

18.  [cat costume]

19.  [breaking bad costume]

20.  [skeleton costume]


Top Searched Types of Costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days:

1.      [homemade halloween costumes]

2.      [sexy halloween costumes]

3.      [easy halloween costumes]

4.      [couples halloween costumes]

5.      [best halloween costumes]

6.      [adult halloween costumes]

7.      [DIY halloween costumes]

8.      [cheap halloween costumes]

9.      [kids halloween costumes]

10.  [funny halloween costumes]


Top Celebrity/Pop Culture Related Costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days:

1.      [duck dynasty halloween costume]

2.      [walter white costume]

3.      [breaking bad costumes]

4.      [katniss costumes]

5.      [michael myers costume]

6.      [zombie costumes]

7.      [minion costume]

8.      [miley cyrus costume]

9.      [minecraft costumes]

10.  [50 shades of grey halloween costumes]

11.  [black swan costume]

12.  [flo progressive costume]

13.  [gangster costumes]

14.  [glow stick costumes]

15.  [great gatsby costume]

16.  [harry potter costumes]

17.  [orange is the new black costumes]

18.  [monster high costumes]

19.  [jersey shore costumes]

20.  [uncle si costume]


Some of the top Searched Pet Costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days:

1.      [darth vader dog costume]

2.      [diy dog costumes]

3.      [ewok dog costumes]

4.      [toy story dog costume]

5.      [dinosaur dog costume]


The top buzzing pumpkin related searches on Yahoo in the past 7 days:

1.      [free pumpkin templates for carving]

2.      [free pumpkin carving stencils]

3.      [pumpkin decorating without carving]

4.      [pumpkin seed recipes]

5.      [halloween pumpkin designs]

6.      [simple pumpkin carving patterns]

7.      [scary pumpkin carvings]

8.      [hello kitty pumpkin pattern]

9.      [puking pumpkin]

10.    [mickey mouse pumpkin stencil]


Source: Yahoo!

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