Family forced out of Oklahoma apartment after bats invade, 13 seen in two-week period

TULSA - A Tulsa family says after two weeks of living with bats, they've had enough.

Cody and Jillian Farrier said that's how long the animals have infested the family of five's apartment.

Cody said he spotted 13 bats inside the home since June 26.

"When we're sitting on the couch at night and all you can hear are chirping and scratching, it's like a horror movie," Jillian said Monday.

She said at first, she treated it as a teaching opportunity.

"I told them at first bats are good, they're a good thing. They eat the mosquitos, we don't like mosquito bites," Jillian recalled. "After 15 bats, it doesn't work so good anymore."

After her 3-month-old daughter's close encounter, Jillian remembers her patience wearing thin.

"The one crawling across the floor right next to my baby was really scary. I know they carry rabies and stuff," she said.

The couple believes the bats have been coming in from different holes in the walls. They've put black duct-tape over any space the winged creatures might've found their way through, but say they're still seeing them with regularity.

Maintenance workers are well aware of the problem, Cody said, and are coming over Wednesday to fix the issue. In the meantime, the family is living in a different apartment within the complex.

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