NASCAR Jeff Gordon prank video: PepsiMax Chevrolet Camero test drive video takes salesman for ride

Cavs Kyrie Irving involved in previous prank

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Gordon literally takes a Chevrolet car salesman for a spin.

The three-time Daytona 500 winner teamed up with PepsiMax to fool the salesman he was just an ordinary guy who wanted to take a look at a 2009 Chevrolet Camero.

A makeup artist aged Gordon adding some wrinkles and a fake beard to give him a new identity.

To capture the salesman's reaction on video, Gordon wore spy glasses equipped with a camera and placed a Pepsi can with a hidden camera inside in the Camero's cup holder.

Hidden cameras were then place throughout the closed course Gordon would drive the car in showing the maneuvers he used to freak out the salesman.

At the end of the test drive the car salesman said Gordon was crazy and he was calling the police. That is the moment Gordon revealed who he really was, pulling off his fake beard.

After realizing his life was never in danger and the stunt was just a prank, the salesman asked Gordon if they could go for another fun ride in the Camero.

Watch the video below or at

You may remember last year when Cavs' Kyrie Irving posed as Uncle Drew and crashed a pickup basketball game and surprised with his hardwood skills in Pepsi Max's ad, written and directed by Irving. Watch that ad at

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