Super Bowl 2013: Florida TV reporter embarrasses Bourbon Street 'video crasher' on live television

NEW ORLEANS - Orlando, Fla., TV reporter Jessica Sanchez was covering the Super Bowl in New Orleans when a party-goer on Bourbon Street crashed her live television report.

The party-goer walked behind Sanchez during her report and yelled, "Whoo! Go 49ers!"

Sanchez got revenge on the woman by asking her if she wanted to do an interview about having a sexually transmitted disease.

"I don't have an STD," the woman answered.

"Oh, then why did you want to do an interview?" Sanchez asked.

"I don't have an STD; that is so disrespectful," the woman answered.

"Anyway, so I've been taking care of that in my own little way," Sanchez said. "You can see what I've been having to deal with out here."

Do you think the reporter was funny or mean?

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