What's trending? Cool, strange and interactive vending machines

Diet Coke and Kit Kat bars are vending machines staples. But mashed potatoes with gravy or live crabs with the press of a button? There is unending supply of vending -- and you won't believe what you can get.

With just a fistful of change, these coin-slot corner-stores can tickle a rainbow of cravings including pizza that's baked fresh inside the machine, cupcakes, and if you're keeping kosher, they've got machines for that too -- mazel tov!    

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The trend is world-wide. In Asia, these versatile vendors serve up all kinds of food like live hairy crabs. And there are other machines that have live bait.

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Americans spend billions a year in vending machines and why not? Who has time to wait for McDonald's drive-thru or 3-5 minutes to whip up a Lean Cuisine? The vendolution is bringing robot razzle-dazzle to retail around the world.

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Recently, vending machines made headlines when a California company created a Ganja-on-the-Go machine. That's right, it dispenses marijuana.

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Travel the globe and you can also get diapers or balloons. These machines are getting so interactive that you might think they have brains. This Japanese one uses facial recognition to detect your gender and recommends beverages accordingly.

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Another interesting vending machine is powered by Xbox Kinect. If you dance well, you get a coke. And there is one in Singapore where it buys you a soda if you give it a hug.

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