Cleveland Zoo welcomes new black howler monkey, baby Reed titi monkey

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is welcoming a baby black howler monkey and a baby Reed titi monkey to their family.

The baby male howler monkey was born April 26 to mom, Maxine, 12, and dad, Oz, 16. The baby brings the Zoo's total of howlers to five. 

Black howler monkeys are native to South America and get their name from the distinctive sound they make by forcing air through the resonating chamber formed by their enlarged lower jaw. The sound is used to warn other monkey troops from straying too close to the group.

The Reed titi monkey was born a few days later in the Primate, Cat and Aquatics Building to mom, Nelson, and dad, Ziggy, both 11.

Titis are also native to South America and spend the majority of their time in the trees. Titis form strong group bonds and are often seen intertwining their tails together when they sit side by side.

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