Aurora, Colorado theater shooting survivors to get married one year to the day of tragedy

"The day that we could have died is the day that we get to spend the rest of our lives together," said Aurora, Colorado theater shooting survivor Kirstin Davis.

She and fiancé Eugene Han are getting married Saturday, July 20, a year to the day of the shooting at a premiere of the movie "The Dark Knight Returns" where 12 were killed and 70 others injured.

Now, they're hoping to remember the date for a positive and not the tragedy.

"It was a night of, you know, terror and horror and all of that stuff, but we wanted to change the date and kind of make it our own," Han told CNN's Piers Morgan.

Han spent months recovering after he was hit with bullets while shielding Davis. He later proposed to Davis, who said yes.

The two, who have known each other since elementary school, said the tough times helped their love grow even stronger.

James Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the killings.