Vault: Dorothy Fuldheim, the redhead loves to ride!

Vintage WEWS: Afternoon Exchange

CLEVELAND - Dorothy Fuldheim was a nationally-respected journalist known for her tough questions and insightful commentaries, among television journalists she was the leader of the pack.

She also had a fun side as the leader of another kind of pack, as you’ll see in our video player.

Dick Yurchiak of our production crew had an idea for a segment for the Afternoon Exchange and wanted to see if Dorothy would play along. Yuri, as we called him, wanted to show what she did for fun after she finished her workday at WEWS.

In Yuri’s made-up Dorothy world, the short-statured, fiery redhead loved to ride her motorcycle.

Would Dorothy go along for the ride?

When approached, she said she would be thrilled to do it.

A brilliant Howard Cosell impersonation by Cleveland’s man of many voices Paul Tapie sets up the segment. The premise is Cosell doing an ABC ‘Up close and personal’ treatment of Cleveland’s grand dame of television.

The Afternoon Exchange was the afternoon companion to the Morning Exchange and aired from 4-5 p.m. from the mid-70s to early 80s. It moved to 5 p.m. when the Cleveland Press closed in 1982. The Afternoon Exchange evolved into the newsier faster-paced Live On Five a few weeks later.

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