Video Vault: The Gibber and Howard Cosell

Vintage WEWS: June 1, 1981

CLEVELAND - Two sports broadcasting legends, ABC’s Howard Cosell and WEWS’s Gib Shanley shared the field and the TV screen at Municipal Stadium June 1, 1981.

Cosell and the ABC Sports crew were in town to cover the Monday night Indians game.

Gib, as he did often, was live doing his entire sportscast before a Tribe game.

There was controversy in baseball as Oakland A’s manager Billy Martin bumped an umpire.

Gib asked Cosell about the bumping and suspension of Martin by baseball bigwigs and the always-loquacious Cosell gobbled up a big chunk of Gib’s time with his answer.

A couple of things in this live shot really tickled me, namely the canary yellow ABC Sports blazer with logo worn by Cosell (Gib’s orange-ish sportcoat came in a close second in the loudness category) and that Cosell kept his sunglasses on for the interview.

There are two parts to Gib’s live sports show and in part two we get to see two members of the Cleveland Browns, Reggie Rucker and Ron Bolton, hamming it up on the tennis court to promote the National Junior Tennis League.


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