Video Vault: 1961, Cleveland's brand new Theatrical Grill

Cleveland landmark rebuilt after fire

CLEVELAND - The Theatrical Grill on “Short Vincent” for years was THE place to go for any Clevelanders of note.

According to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, the Theatrical was opened in 1937 on Vincent Avenue between East Sixth and East Ninth streets by Morris "Mushy" Wexler and his brother-in-law Mickey Miller.

Wildly popular for parts of three decades for its food, spirits and entertainment, it burned down in 1960.

Our video player shows 30 seconds of the newly reopened Theatrical. The date of this silent film is Sept. 29, 1961.

By the way, the street is called Short Vincent for its length or lack thereof and because it was an area of entertainment much as we use the term "The Flats."

The second picture in the photo tab is the Theatrical before the fire. That photo is from the Cleveland Press Collection at Cleveland State University.

Enjoy a look back at Morris Wexler’s Theatrical Grill.

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