Video Vault: 1993 WEWS special The Magic of Television

CLEVELAND - "The Magic of Television" was a 30-minute WEWS program looking at the “gee whiz” fun special effects of TV.

Aired in April 1993, the show starred anchor Bill Younkin as a chain-smoking, hard-nosed detective.

Younkin investigates the disappearance of weather forecaster Don Webster. Webster had been demonstrating his weather chroma-key wall and vanished.

The ensuing investigation takes Younkin, with the help of WEWS staffers Fred Griffith, Lee Jordan and Nev Chandler, to Classic Worldwide Productions.

Classic’s production experts show off their state-of-the-art facility en route to bringing Webster back from his electronic exile.

Spoiler alert: Webster returns doing his own stunt fall in the Broadview Heights swimming pool.

The half hour is very entertaining and some of the special effects still hold up 21 years later. One notable change is today, green, not blue, is the industry standard for chroma-key, often called "green screen".

"The Magic of Television" is in four parts; part number four is made up of outtakes and credits.

This show spawned another called "The Making of The Magic of Television", but I’ll save that for another edition of the Vault.

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