Video Vault: Cleveland Stadium demolition and fire

Making way for Browns Stadium

CLEVELAND - If you’re a Browns fan, you may want to throw a penalty flag on me and call unnecessary roughness.

Not only are the arch rival Steelers coming to town as we whimper to the end of the season, now I’m about to pile on your unhappy season, or maybe your last ten unhappy seasons, with some unpleasant memories.

Art Modell took Cleveland’s football team to Baltimore after the 1995 season and this city’s outrage and legal proceedings forced the NFL to put a new team in its place. One sentence hardly seems fitting to describe what we went through.

To get to a new era of Browns football, the old stadium had to come down to build the new Cleveland Browns stadium.

Even that process caused some pain of its own as we watched the home of so many great football memories torn down; add to that a welder’s torch sparked a fire during demolition.

Our video player contains a story by WEWS reporter Joe Pagonakis filed on the fire at old Municipal stadium December 3, 1996.

The second video clip is a time lapse of sort as the demolition continued. WEWS videographers Jim Lentz and Brian Archer stopped by the site from time to time to show the "progress."

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