Video Vault: Dan Quayle visits Akron to raise money

Money raised pales to today's political dollars

AKRON, Ohio - Dan Quayle came to Akron to raise funds as the Republican vice-presidential candidate in October 1988.

Maybe it’s the amount of money being raised and spent in today’s political arena, but I wonder if you could get a vice presidential candidate to show up for a fundraiser today for the amount of money Quayle raised then.

Joel Grover is the WEWS reporter covering the visit. Grover says Quayle raised $80,000 during his 60 minute visit. It cost $5,000 a couple to shake hands and talk to the Indiana Senator.

Quayle and presidential running mate George Bush beat the Democratic ticket of Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen rather handily in the 1988 contest. The Republicans won 426 electoral votes, including Ohio, to 111 for the Democrats.

Four years later they lost to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

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