Vault: Dorothy Fuldheim at The Royal Wedding

Vintage WEWS: July, 1981 The Royal Wedding

LONDON - Our Dorothy Fuldheim was no stranger to covering big events or interviewing some of the world’s biggest newsmakers.

Her career as a journalist before television had her interviewing Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Her television interviews ran the gamut from presidents and sports stars to such important figures as Helen Keller and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

So it should come as no surprise that WEWS sent Dorothy Fuldheim to cover the wedding of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles in July, 1981.

At age 88, Dorothy, along with news director Eric Braun, flew to London aboard the Concorde to cover the event that had captured the world’s attention that summer.

Photographer Brian Archer accompanied Dorothy and Eric on the trip, which lasted nearly two weeks. After all, if you’re going to send an 88-year-old legend overseas, why go for a weekend?

Our video player contains three of her stories at the Royal Wedding. The first is a look inside St Paul’s Cathedral prior to the wedding. The second is a look at Londoners and their reaction to the excitement surrounding the event. The third is the wedding with Dorothy doing a phone voiceover of the wedding video.

Dorothy was an amazing woman who worked here at WEWS until the age of 91. She suffered a stroke shortly after conducting what would be her final interview. That interview was July 1984 with President Ronald Reagan -- almost exactly 3 years after the Royal Wedding trip.

Dorothy Fuldheim passed away Nov. 3, 1989.

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