Video Vault: Dorothy Fuldheim, Jan Jones light up Cleveland's Shaker Square for the holidays

CLEVELAND - It’s 1977 and time to throw the switch to turn on Shaker Square’s Christmas lights.

But who should get the honor of kicking off the holiday season? How about an 84-year-old woman with fiery red hair wearing a fur coat?

That’s it,  Dorothy Fuldheim!

The grand dame of local TV resided just up Shaker Boulevard from Shaker Square and was the mistress of ceremony Nov. 25, 1977.

You’ll only get a quick glimpse of Dorothy and a shot of her finger on the switch in this 16-second clip.

But wait, there’s more!

Fast forward five years and you’ll also get Morning Exchange host Jan Jones handing candy canes.

The clip from Nov. 26, 1982 is a bit longer but is also at the Shaker Square lighting.

You’ll see the front of Stouffer’s restaurant at Shaker Square, kids playing amid the lighted trees, Santa and Mrs. Claus in a horse-drawn carriage and finally, the lovely Jan Jones.

The Christmas lights are bright, but not as dazzling as Jan’s smile. She and a few elves act as Santa’s helpers at the celebration giving treats to the children.

Ho ho ho.

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