Video vault: Engelbert sings for Mary Rose Oakar

Vintage WEWS: April 1979

CLEVELAND - Engelbert Humperdinck, yes THE Engelbert Humperdinck, came to Cleveland to perform at a fundraiser for Cleveland Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar April 2, 1979.

The world renowned singer/entertainer, known for hits such as "Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)," “The Last Waltz” and “After the Lovin,’” was at Playhouse Square for the unveiling of his portrait – cue the applause – and then for an evening performance at the Palace Theater.

WEWS 11 p.m. anchor Wilma Smith throws to live shot reporter Jay Bacchus after the concert. Jay explains congressional campaign fundraising as we zoom into Miss Oakar, although we get just a glimpse of her face, well that’s live TV folks.

Enough talk about campaigns and fundraising. Sing along with me, “So I sing you to sleep after the lovin’ with a song I just wrote yesterday,” OK, I'll stop.


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