Video Vault: Fred Griffith breaks a table, fills in for Billy Ray Cyrus

CLEVELAND - Fred Griffith did thousands of hours of live TV.

He did the two-hour Morning Exchange for 27 years and simultaneously co-hosted the Afternoon Exchange for four-plus years here at WEWS, before moving to WKYC for more than 10 years.

It would only be logical to assume Fred had his share of bloopers and entertaining moments during his career.

I’ve put two quick clips in our video player as examples. First, Fred breaks the table holding his coffee on the Morning Exchange set.

Co-hosts Jan Jones and Joel Rose give Fred an appropriate amount of grief for his accident, but Fred handles it with his usual easy-going style. Fred’s down-home charm shows as he asks for someone to “fetch” him a “giant, huge stack of paper towels” to clean up his mess.

Fast forward a few years to a missing satellite interview. Co-host Lee Jordan was set up to do a live chat with Billy Ray Cyrus, but it fails to happen for technical reasons.

Lee laughed when I reminded her of the Billy Ray Cyrus recently.

Fred comes to Lee’s rescue by singing a country song from his youth titled “Humpty Dumpty Heart”. Sing it Fred!


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