Video Vault: Higbee's post-Christmas sale in 1967

Shoppers swarm the former downtown landmark

CLEVELAND - The revolving doors at Higbee’s, they are so memorable.

The first shot in our minute tour of the post-Christmas sale at Higbee’s is of one of those revolving doors.

It seems like just yesterday, I was hopping off of a CTS bus on Public Square and dashing through one of those revolving doors.

In 1967, shopping in downtown Cleveland was a big deal. Just as big as Christmas shopping was after Christmas shopping.

The film of a sea of shoppers descending of the former iconic store is a bit alarming.

Yikes, don’t get in their way!

Although very short in length, the clip is chock full of Christmas cards, wrapping paper, candelabra, the old NCR cash register, shoppers in lines and lines and more lines inside Higbee’s.

Thank goodness for slo-mo and the internet. There is a shot of a man carrying a box. Slowing it down, it reads, “Withington, West Minot”.

Withington is a sporting goods company in Minot, North Dakota.

Finally, the escalator shot.

Higbee’s was famous for their escalators, especially the clattering, wooden-slatted ones.

After watching “A Christmas Story” marathon, it was fun to see how many of those Higbee’s scenes hadn’t changed.

Today, it's the home of Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.


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