Video Vault: Jimmy Buffett live from Blossom Music Center in June 1988

CLEVELAND - Jimmy Buffett writes children’s books, nearly quit his music career when he missed a flight and was on the WEWS nationally-syndicated rock music show Upbeat.

Those revelations and a more as Jimmy Buffett talked live with Live On Five anchor Wilma Smith from Blossom Music Center in June 1988.

Buffett was in our area for two shows and was on our highly-rated afternoon show promoting his shows and tour.

The Blossom show was the first stop on his two-month long 1988 tour.

Right off the bat, Buffett talks about coming to Cleveland and Upbeat early on in his career.

So many musical greats were on Upbeat, one shouldn’t be surprised Buffett was on the show. He tells Wilma he was a traveling musician during college when he came to Cleveland and our WEWS studios.

Upbeat ran from 1964 to 1971 and was seen in more than 105 cities.

When Wilma asks how old he was when he came to do Upbeat, he says, “I wanna say 8 but I was 18.”

Buffett tells Wilma during a low point in his life he nearly quit his musical career after missing a flight from Tahita but his “Catholic guilt” made him get on the next flight.

“If I had stayed there, I might not have come back.”

Later in the live interview, Wilma asks Buffett about writing his mega-hit “Margaritaville”.

Buffett says he wrote it in five minutes and was inspired by his return from Texas to the Florida Keys where an influx of tourists was overrunning that area of the state.

Near the end of Buffett’s visit with Wilma, talk turns to children’s books. Buffett and his nine year old daughter Savannah had just finished writing and publishing their first book, “Jolly Mon”.

Buffett has no area tour dates in the Cleveland this year and, according to his website, his last Cleveland date was in 2011.

How about that, a Jimmy Buffett story without a single “parrothead” reference?

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