Video Vault: Joel, Jenny and buzzard watchers

Vintage WEWS: March 15, 1979

CLEVELAND - Digging through our vault this week, I came across this gem from Buzzard Day, Thursday March 15, 1979. I wish I had found it a couple of weeks ago so it would be a bit timelier, but it’s still fun to watch.

Joel Rose and Jenny Crimm anchored our noon newscast for years. On any given weekday more than 50 percent of viewers with their TVs turned on were tuned into the WEWS noon news, an amazing number.

The show was a fun mix of their humor-filled personalities and double-entendre tabloid-style TV, using very little film or tape but relying instead on AP wire photos.

Billed as the "noon news for lunch bunch," Joel and Jenny were joined by Liz Richards, doing weather, and legendary WEWS commentator Dorothy Fuldheim took calls from viewers.

Thursdays were "talk to Dorothy day," she and Joel took calls at 578-0550, a number we still use at WEWS some 32 years later.

Liz Richards was the Morning Exchange co-host for seven years. This noon newscast would be her second to last day here at WEWS.

In the video player I’ve put the tease for the noon news (think anchors could get away with wearing buzzard beaks today?) and then the opening of the newscast and the very first story, the buzzards’ annual return to Hinckley.

2011 or 1979, the buzzards just keep on coming.


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