Video Vault: Nev Chandler, Don King and Mike Tyson Live On Five

WEWS June 13, 1989

CLEVELAND - Oh, what a star-studded Live On Five the June 13, 1989 broadcast was.

A couple of months ago, I posted a story on the guest in the second segment of the show. That guest was show business superstar Sammy Davis Jr. [ Click here to see Sammy's Live On Five appearance ]

Today, after what amounts to a two-month commercial break, here are the guests in segment three: legendary boxing promoter and one of Cleveland’s own, Don King and boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Former WEWS anchor Roy Weissenger does the honors of introducing Nev’s Corner. Nev Chandler, the voice of just about anything sports related in Cleveland at the time, interviews King and Tyson via satellite from King’s training complex in Orwell, Ohio. The Orwell remote camera was run by WEWS videographer Dave Arnold.

Tyson is preparing for an upcoming fight with Carl "The Truth" Williams in Atlantic City.

King and Tyson react to the previous evening’s fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns. The fight was a draw. Tyson disputes Nev’s assertion that “Iron Mike’ is unbeatable with Tyson claiming those who fight champs, like Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis, rise to the occasion and are dangerous.

Nev asks Tyson about the possibility of moving to Ohio to which Tyson points to a beautiful place he recently purchased. Tyson calls the town Southerland, but in actuality it’s Southington.

The gated home was quite the place and in a later edition of Live On Five, Tyson gives us a tour.

Back to promoting, however, as King promotes not only Tyson’s fight, but an upcoming fight at the I-X center. Tyson challenges Nev to a few rounds of sparring and then talks turns to challenging George Foreman in China. We find out Mike Tyson wants nothing to do with China or communism.

Near the end of the interview, Nev asks Tyson about his personal turmoil. The boxer was married to Robin Givens and it did not go well. Among the lowlights was an interview with Barbara Walters where Givens emasculated Tyson while he sat there on camera next to Givens.

Tyson tells Nev that what separates champs from super-champs is the ability to respond to adversity.

But we end the segment on a high note with an invitation for Nev to come out to Orwell and get in the ring and also have cake and ice cream.

Nev is teased by Roy and Wilma smith about his upcoming bout.


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