Video Vault: Ranger's buzzard-ly advice in 1990 return of birds to Hinckley

HINCKLEY,Ohio - The buzzards returning to Hinckley each year also brings the return of TV news crews, park rangers and interested bird watchers.

March 15, 1990 is the date of the clip in our video player and it contains a bit of wisdom from a park ranger as to the best way to see the sought-after winged sign of spring.

WEWS reporter David Christopher, up at the crack of dawn to look for a returning buzzard, asks’ “What’s the secret to finding the buzzards?”

“Standing here, looking up,” the ranger advises. Simple and effective I'd say.

Elsewhere in the video, you’ll see a variety of bird outfits including somewhere wearing buzzard feet.

In 1979, the buzzard story was the lead of our noon news. Click here to see WEWS anchors Joel Rose and Jenny Crimm doing their buzzard antics.

Enjoy our annual northeast Ohio equivalent to the swallows returning to Capistrano.

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