Video Vault: Remembering Cleveland's Captain Frank's restaurant

Restaurant was E. 9th St. mainstay

CLEVELAND - A sarcastic co-worker once said to me, “Only in Cleveland could you have a restaurant right on the lake that faced away from it.”

It was true that you entered from the south but from the dining room there were east and west facing views of Lake Erie.

I recall stopping at the snack shop on the building’s north side for ice cream. The yellow fluorescent lighting from the snack shop added to the warmth on summer evenings as I at my soft-serve treat.

Parking on the pier was easy, though bumpy. Traffic was one way north toward the lake on the east side of Captain Frank’s and return to the “mainland” on the west side of the restaurant.

Captain’s Frank’s sat on the East Ninth Street pier, now Voinovich Park, until its demolition in the 80s to make way for North Coast Harbor.

The video in our player is quite short, only 30 seconds, but it brings back hundreds of memories.

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